Iraqi forces seize valuable catch of Daash

Thursday 25-02-2016 | 10:02:09

Twilight News / announced media cell-Harbi seized in coordination with the military aviation, "great camp" for Daash in Salahuddin.

, Said cell a statement and responded to the Twilight News, said the camp seized in the Hamrin mountain range after the clash, a number of them were killed and the seizure of two wheels and wheel Other destined for booby-trapping .

He said the camp has a laboratory for the booby-trapping wheels and more than 50 explosive device and 10 explosive belts and explosive materials of about 200 kg and station Atslat integrated wireless and calculators 2 contain information and a set of documents (identities) of the bombers were foreigners, sexual and stores for materials, food and medical ration and the seizure of vehicles, documents and equipment and the destruction of the entire camp.