Baghdad did not send the money, "petrodollars" to Kirkuk two years ago

By Roudao

one hour ago

Roudao - Kirkuk

At a time when Baghdad did not send the two years of "petro-dollar" budget to Kirkuk, and that a large part of which dates back to six thousand employees, the Iraqi prime minister, "Haider al-Abadi," suggested at a meeting of the House of Representatives on the Kurdistan Regional Government entire region's oil delivery to Baghdad, to send last Kurdistan region salaries in return.

The head of the provincial council in Kirkuk proxy "Rebwar Talabani," the network Roudao media: "Kirkuk trillion and 266 billion dinars to Baghdad from 2014, and about 488 billion dinars for 2015, has not been sending money for 2016 as well, while reaching now 30 to 40 billion dinars, the equivalent of 2-5% of the money that must be sent to Kirkuk. "

Parliamentarians believe that al-Abadi made the remarks in order to thwart the oil policy of the Kurdistan Region, and that puts the Kurdistan oil file under his authority.

And became a modern-Abadi this shop amazement officials in Kirkuk, because they are the more they demanded Baghdad balancing conservation, answered them by saying that the state treasury empty of money, at a time when the bulk of these funds are located to the Iraqi government, in the share of "petro-dollar" employees who have not receive their salaries a year ago.