Parliamentary Economy: territory outlets revenue will be deposited in the Federal Treasury

Economy Since 02/25/2016 13:17 pm (Baghdad time)

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The Commission on Economy and Investment in Parliament on Thursday, that the application of the customs tariff on the task of border crossings to supplement the state treasury a lot of money, just like the countries of the world.

The committee member said Harith al-Harthy's / balances News /, that "the customs tariff is an essential resource in all countries of the world to supplement the Treasury countries, but we are suffering from a big problem in Iraq, where he finished Daash terrorist west side and of our limits with Syria and Jordan, as well as the dispute between the center the region, which in turn affected the lower part of these imports. "

He said Al-Harthy, that "after the recent oil agreement with the province will bid farewell to the northern ports revenues to the state treasury, this money comes to the state and then be allocated a certain percentage of them to build government complexes to conduct transactions on the border in case the need arises."

It is said that the Commission confirmed earlier, the customs tariff law will be applied to all government ports, without exception, including the Kurdistan region, while economists called for the activation of a package of support for the Law of the tariff laws.

From: Ola Massaol