Darraji: the military industry although we will hate and activate the tariff even if it cost me my life


Diyala / Hassan Ahmed

The Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Darraji, on Wednesday, his intention to re-military industries, "despite the haters," and pointed out that the ministry has started to manufacture mortars and defensive missiles, while stressing that "a past campaign national product protection and to activate the tariff even if it cost him his life. "
Said Mohammed Darraji in a speech during the opening of production lines for electrical transformers at the General Company for Electrical Industries in Diyala province, and attended (range Press), said that "This is the day we attended the opening of production lines for electrical transformers and the capacity of the transformer distribution of optical and stainless smart plugs adapters," noting that "Iraq needs to regulate the process of electricity."
Darraji said, "This production will contribute to the support of the electricity sector and reduce the hours of electric power cut if it is used," calling on the Ministry of Electricity to "buy a product Electrical Industries Company in Diyala."
Darraji said that "the electrical transformer plant will ensure the need for Iraq to fill 70% and we call on the Ministry of Electricity to use this product because it is better than Saudi Arabia and other product."
In another context, he stressed Darraji, the need to "re-military industries, despite the haters," adding, "The ministry began the defense industry, mortars, rockets and even if you do not use them today will use it tomorrow."
He Darraji, that "there are engineers and experts were working at the mic," blaming "the previous regime responsible for the misuse of weapons to harm the Iraqi people."
The Darraji, that "the previous period witnessed refuse to work tariff on electric material", calling for a "re-activate the national product protection and the imposition of tariffs", stressing at the same time, that "this speech would cause Azaal and anger many, but we will go by even if it cost us our life".
The Minister of Industry and Minerals to that, "Without the private industrial sector can not promote the economic reality and is an important aspect."
It is said that the Ministry of Industry and Minerals confirmed on Tuesday (2 February 2016), all coordinated with the Defense Ministry to form a committee to evaluate the products of war, indicating that access to the necessary support to allow them to secure 70 percent of the equipment and weapons they need and the defense and interior ministries as well as the popular crowd and provide a lot of hard currency for the country, while leading the crowd expressed its willingness to buy the national war products if they set aside a budget for it.
The Minister of Industry and Minerals in (3 December 2015) has been confirmed, the ministry's ability to compete with foreign goods, on condition that the application of the customs tariff and the protection of the national product and the lack of support for the dollar exchange rate laws.
The Ministry of Industry and Minerals, announced, (the 25th of November 2015), approval of the Cabinet-fifth session in its session, which was held in the (November 24, 2015), to activate the decision necessary ministries and government agencies of all, buy public its products.