A large economic conference in Basra early next month on the implementation of the port of Faw

February 25, 2016 9:51
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Member of the Commission declared the economy and investment representative, for holding a large economic conference the beginning of the month of March next steps to activate the implementation of the project port of Faw.

He said committee member Abdul-Salam al-Maliki, in an interview, he was "a major economic conference to be held early next month in Basra, attended by major international companies and owners of capital to activate the subject of the port of Faw."
He pointed out that "the project is supposed to submit it to specialized companies, there is also a public offering of Basra province to participate in the project, the contribution of the ordinary citizen companies by 51%, and the remaining 49% developed to work for companies, but the provincial council is no longer up to now an integrated project in this regard." .
Maliki reiterated "the need to view the project as an investment opportunity, especially with the availability of serious measures to build and all eyes are on him as a global economic area and an independent administration, and thus will bring economic benefit of Iraq."
He believed that "the project needs special laws regulating the work, and take advantage of the international effort and is owned by international companies from the funds of capital and expertise, make independent Faw port authority."
Maliki and pointed out that "the project will be among the 10 largest ports in the world, and Cedar money for the Iraqi people in general.
The Transport Minister Baqer al-Zubaidi, yesterday presided over the February 23, a special expanded meeting to complete the preparation of a national conference on the possibility of implementing a project port of Faw and clarifying visions to prepare a working paper doable solutions in more detail requirements.
The ministry said in a statement received [where] a copy of "The meeting was attended by Chairman of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary Jawad al-Bolani and representatives from the ministries of oil, planning and Investment Authority and a number of specialists in the project."
The port of Faw has been performed from the east breaker waves by 98% by the Greek company and the western breaker waves by 24% by the Korean Daewoo Company
Note that the project will be held on the land of an area of ​​54 square kilometers and includes sidewalks containers and cargo are diverse and berths for petroleum products and materials for the ration cards, in addition to a large industrial park and tourist resort stores refrigerated and Yards parking trucks, trains, which will be considered a landmark for Iraq, the Gulf and supporting the national economy and run hands working for the people of Basra.