Parliamentary Integrity: Iraq has 190 billion dollars since 2003 and at least $ 50 billion Saddam days

2016-02-24 23:32:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Although the House of Representatives, discussed recently, a list of the officials involved smuggling $ 15 billion, well-documented, but it underscores the lack of accurate statistics for the smuggled money.

Nevertheless, the Integrity Commission suggest that the money smuggled size exceeds $ 190 billion since 2003, and at least $ 50 billion in the era of the former regime.

The Commission proposed four measures to prosecute smuggled money, but expressed concern over the lack of serious intent to restore the wealth that came out of Iraq over the past years.

The House of Representatives has been a guest on Monday, the Central Bank Governor and Deputy Minister of Finance, and representatives of the intelligence agency, the Board of Control for discussion for contraband and money-documented in the records, in the past 12 years, with 15 billion dollars.

MP says defensive Taha, a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, said that "it is difficult to give a real inventory of the money smuggled out of Iraq, whether in the era of the former regime or after 2003".

He said defense (range), that "there are a large number of ministers and directors-general issued against them, for the past periods, arrest warrants were confiscated their movable and immovable on charges of smuggling money outside Iraq."

It is estimated by the Committee on the promenade "amounts that fled during the past 12 years by about $ 130 billion in size," pointing out that "a portion of the amounts due to the Iraqi traders withdrew their money after the security challenges and they invested outside of Iraq."

And on the money that fled the days of the former regime, the size, the defense says that "the amount of money that fled before 2003 is estimated between 50-60 billion dollars," pointing out that "the money deposited in the regional and global banks."

And about to recover his money smuggled Iraq's plans, says a member of the Integrity Commission, "We need a set of procedures and mechanisms carried out by the Iraqi government in coordination with the Integrity Commission and in cooperation with the State and Justice Ministry to sign agreements with some countries to catch these fugitives officials as well as the recovery of Iraqi funds contraband."

In turn draws MP Abdul Karim Abtan, the other member of the Committee, that "the recovery of funds smuggled process is done by the laws of legislation or the conclusion of agreements with the states get their hands on these amounts."

He says Abtan, told the (range), that "there are four important measures enable us to retrieve the money diverted to the Iraqi treasury," indicating that the actions "include activating the Recovery Fund, which was formed under Law No. 9 of 2012, which includes in its membership, the intelligence service Iraq's accountability and justice and the Central Bank and representatives from the Council of Ministers. "

And the form of the House of Representatives, last week, a higher committee members include the heads of the committees on Foreign Relations, finance, defense and security, integrity, and legal, in order to recover the amounts of contraband and activate Recovery Fund.

He adds a member of the Integrity Committee that "the recovery of the money fund did not recover, since its inception, and to this day, any amount due to its meetings timid." Stressing "the necessity of activating the Recovery Directorate of the Integrity Commission responsible for the recovery of funds and people who had fled these amounts for years."

MP calls for national bloc to "exploitation and money laundering unit in the Iraqi Central Bank to follow the flight of billions of dollars out of the country."

MP Abdul Karim Abtan believes that "the unity of money laundering able to determine how much money smuggling through access to phantom transfers of companies which has in the past and continuing to the present time."

Abtan asserts that "the money diverted in the days of the former regime are the responsibility of the accountability and justice."

But a member of the Integrity Committee wonders about the possibility of activating these actions to recover the money, and says that "data indicate the difficulty to recover these funds because the freeze action Recovery Fund testament to the lack of seriousness of the existence of our money back contraband."

The MP Abdul Karim Abtan government "to contract with foreign companies specialized in the criminal investigation process and accounting because it is able to count all the movable and immovable internally and externally Iraqi state property," he calls "the enactment of laws where did you get this."