The outbreak of the popular uprising against the Daash in Mosul

02/24/2016 19:30

BAGHDAD / obelisk announced military media cell, on Wednesday, the outbreak of a popular uprising against al Daash in the city of Mosul, noting that the regulation preventing citizens from roaming in the three regions of the left coast of the city after clashes with parents.

She said the cell in a statement, said that "confrontations and clashes occurred in Mosul between citizens and so-called police of the terrorist organization, after the citizens tried to get out of the left coast as a result Alarmed by the actions of terrorists, but Daash prevent parents from out of town has led to the clash with hands and throw these bands with stones. "

He added that "this procedure led to a hunt for the so-called terrorist organization of citizens and police arrested a number of them and attacked them, sparking outrage and make them do a popular uprising in the three regions of the left side of Mosul, and clashes are continuing even now."