Production and exports of oil from Iraq is witnessing an unprecedented rise

February 24, 2016 8:50
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Saw production and exports of Iraq's record levels unprecedented in the history of Iraq .. has reached a daily output of Iraq 4.775 million barrels / day, during January of last month, compared to 2.980 daily average in 2013 .. As exports have reached in the month of January 3.885 million barrels per day, of which 3.285 from the southern ports and 600,000 barrels / day of Ceyhan .. compared to 2.391 million barrels / day in 2013, of which 2.127 from the southern ports and 264,000 barrels / day of Ceyhan. This amounted to quantities of oil idle fields which is witnessing military operations more than 50 000 barrels / day .. by Nineveh 16,000 barrels / day .. and Ajil 22,000 barrels / day .. and Hamrin 8000 barrels / day, and Qayyarah 4000 barrels / day , which will be added to the production capacity upon completion of the expulsion "Daash" and return to the normal functioning of these fields and others.

How did achieve this, and developments it goes all completely deduced .. since the terrorist attacks led, and chaos to a lot of our events and our facilities and our fields losses .. As a result of the deterioration of oil prices, a severe financial crisis, disrupted a lot of the necessary .. projects, we faced constant rumblings of discontent from oil companies to delay paying dues? Faalanjaz was not as easy as imagined by some, but made possible by the tremendous efforts and plans prepared and realistically paid off and gave these results.
There is no doubt that the achievements realized in cooperation with foreign companies as part of the licensing contracts, but to achieve cooperation in the financial squeeze and the collapse of oil prices, conditions, and a series of complicated procedures, traits entry, medical examination and security issues, clearing the land of mines, and the provision of pumping water needed, and social threats, if not inevitable, if not the majority expected decline in production .. so actively to contain the crisis and activate the atmosphere of trust in good crisis management and practical proof of good intentions, and increased grant opportunities, rather than reduced, and the rationalization and prosecute bottlenecks worked wherever found and seek to resolve them in the field. So increased our capabilities Alkhoznip and Load .. and rose water pumping operations .. and energized our national companies to do a lot of business that provided new dynamics helped the mutual cooperation between our companies and foreign companies, which was off the evolution of production, whether in the fields given to licensing contracts, or in the fields managed national by our national companies .. and separating the "Basra light" and "heavy Basra," which stopped halt production processes to maintain the quality of the "Basra light" .. this process alone has helped to increase production several hundred thousand daily barrels, and stopped - Amili- process of compensating companies, when we ask them to stop production, because to maintain the quality of the oil, or when bad weather, or when Khoznatena is full, etc..
Really exciting and it's accomplished cadres and leaders of the ministry and national companies is not only higher production and exports, but also reduce costs and expenses .. In 2014 was the payment of approximately $ 13.1 billion as receivables for foreign companies .. In 2015, paid about $ 13.6 billion .. In 2016 companies estimated the costs at 23 billion dollars, almost .. but we have entered into complex negotiations, and comprehensive studies .. and assessments detailed each paragraph of expenses, we were able whereby reduced to little more than nine billion dollars more, while maintaining the production and development plans, taking advantage of the opportunity to decline prices generally .. most companies have agreed to review and reduction plans, and remained less important outstanding issues, hoping solve an atmosphere of understanding, with the determination to put an adult and constructive ideas that meet the interests of all. An important step, our national companies to adopt in the works, formerly referred to a secondary contractor companies .. which helped reduce costs and transform national companies were losing to profitable companies .. and that "the Iraqi Drilling Company" is one such example.