Iran resentful of government technocrats and the restructuring of the crowd


Wednesday , February 24, 2016

Iran, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi warned against, what it called "Rifts Shiite House" in Iraq, expressing concerns about the technocrat government, which announced its intention to set up finally, and about the restructuring of the militia of the popular crowd, according to Iraqi political sources.

The sources said, in a press statement "The Iranian messages indirectly, Ebadi warned against compromising the structure of the Shiite House political, or attempt to dismantle the walls, ask him to explain his reforms and what it means government of technocrats, who announced his intention to set up to deal with the Iraqi situation is worsening."

She added that "one of the Iranian messages that arrived Abadi from an Iraqi point of close to Tehran, he informed him of the need not to prejudice the quotas Shiite blocs in the government of technocrats, which included the Iranian concern and questioned the three ministries specifically, demanding him to display the names of Cabinet nominees to the Supreme Council and the State of law coalition stream (an ally of Iran in Iraq) before deciding set. "

The three Iraqi ministries concerned with Iran, which, according to sources, is" the oil, interior, and transport and communications. " She said," the second letter arrived Abadi by Ali al-Adeeb, a State of law bloc's leaders, and that Tehran was upset by its procedures regarding restructuring of the Shiite militias, and Vice President of Shiite crowd, who fled to Iran after being accused of corruption Mali on financing the militias, to convey a message to the commander of Iran's Qods Force and the official Iraqi file Qassem Soleimani, informing him that al-Abadi, America's man in Iraq, calling for the intervention of Soleimani to limit of the danger of al-Abadi on the Shiite House, "according to sources.

It noted that" after the Iranian messages, a number of leaders and deputies coalition of state law, members of what is known as the counsel of the Dawa Party, which belongs to al-Abadi, to discuss Iran's concerns and try to reassure them, and the subsequent meeting held Monday included Abadi leaders body the popular crowd, including the engineer, who returned to Baghdad accompanied by one aide Qassem Soleimani, carrying a message orally to Ebadi of the latter. "

The sources denied the existence Soleimani in Baghdad, as reported by the Arab media.

The Tteward information from an Iraqi parliamentary parties, stating that Tehran "strongly entered the political and economic reforms he intends Abadi executed line, and that the Iranian leadership is determined to set the rhythm of the political structure in Iraq in line with maintaining the dominance of its allies and its arms from the Iraqi Shiite forces."

An Iraqi parliamentary source said that "the perception and image conveyed by allies, the religious leader of Iran's leadership system, carried a warning from trying Abadi revive disagreements Shiite political blocs among themselves to gain time and to form a government from outside the cloak of Shiite political forces loyal to Iran. "

Observers believe that" al-Abadi, who threw the ball inside the dome of the parliament last Saturday, while a student blocs to nominate names of technocrats to fill the ministerial positions, already wanted to restore the political scene in the country to the pre-formation of the government, which saw differences and Mnacfat quotas and political positions between the Shiite blocs phase, which will contribute to the disintegration of the Iranian system in the parliament of Iraq, which is usually ridden differences on the interests and stakes ministerial. "