Economist: government decision out of the orbit of the parties to achieve reform and resolution of financial crisis


Wednesday , February 24, 2016

Description economic analyst Dergham Mohammed Ali, said the exit decision and government leaders from the orbit of the parties and the quota system is the only way which can be found to resolve the current economic crisis and an economic reform in accordance with the bases properly without the intervention of the narrow interests.

Ali said in a statement to the Iraqi News / Nina / National Agency that "economic Iraqi decision must be independent and stems from the national interest, a climate has not been provided in any of the governments that came to Iraq, where he underwent all economic policies to quotas to mind the interests of the parties window and personalities at the expense of the general interest of the country was in the creation of a deficiency in the economic vision . "

He added that" the government if they are to be serious about reform that relies strategic plans pave the way for future governments suitable ground reform able to make a structure in Iraq, the economy changes and turn of the state economy to a market economy through strengthening the private sector and re-gain confidence in the climate of the labor market . "

He stressed that" the political blocs statements in the House of Representatives to Aaahr to support real reform and that most of the blocks is seeking to keep the current dilapidated economy equation list and lose the interest of the country and the continuing lack of long-term visions and try to make achievements formality ceilings time modest and Pather placebo persists as public pressure on achieve reform fades with its decline. "