Prime mass change: Procrastination in recovering the money smuggled file treason and involvement in corruption


(Independent) .. the head of the parliamentary change Hoshyar Abdullah warned against any delay or procrastination by the authorities concerned in recovering the money smuggled file which has been included for discussion in the House of Representatives at his request, saying procrastination in this file treason and involvement in corruption.

Abdullah said: "The recovery of money diverted file that has been discussed in the House of Representatives on February 6, 2016 at our request that carried the signatures of 81 deputies must contribute effectively to recover huge sums of money by the corrupt in Iraq including the Kurdistan region of smuggled to foreign banks, We will we in the movement for change and change parliamentary bloc to follow up this file and monitor the performance of the parliamentary committee which was formed for this purpose. "

He added: "It is unfortunate that stakeholders hosted by the Parliament in the twenty-second of this month was its role in the follow-up to this file shy and Ajriqa to the required level, and we can say that there is negligence on the executive and the judiciary of this file actors level, despite its importance, in addition to non-deal legislative power seriously with him during the previous sessions. "

He continued: "We are yet to Anthm anyone intentionally in the neglect of this issue, but if any delay deliberately or procrastination appeared in a follow-up topic will prepare it as a betrayal and involvement in corruption," and expressed hope "that the composition of the special parliamentary committee that's serious and strong start in recover public money that was smuggled abroad and accounting spoilers who extended their hands to the wealth of the people. "(end)