Iraq warns of worsening of damage to oil prices without addressing the balance of the market quickly

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24/2/2016, 12:22

Iraqi oil official said a high-level, on Wednesday, he must be on the producers of OPEC and outside work quickly to restore balance to the global oil market and only Vsttvaqm damage repair may take a long time.

Falah al-Amiri, said the representative of Iraq's OPEC governor and general manager of the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company Sumo The collapse and the volatility of oil prices has nothing to do with Iraq's oil production, which is growing at a steady pace each year in line with global demand will continue to do so.

Al-Ameri added in Argus Conference of crude oil in the Middle East, held in Abu Dhabi "States must OPEC and outside move quickly to restore the balance of oil supply and global demand otherwise Vsivaqm repaired the damage and it will take time."

He pointed out that Iraq's oil production reached 4.775 million barrels per day in January, including the Kurdistan region of shipments. "