Industry and Minerals: continuing the opening of a plant in every week in Baghdad and the provinces

11:12, February 24, 2016

Baghdad, a local opinion

Spokesman of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals Abdul Wahid al-Shammari, the continuation of the ministry opened a factory in every week within the capital Baghdad and the provinces to meet local need in various fields, and the advancement of the national industry.
He said Shammari said, "This year is brand-making in Iraq, General of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, we can give a certain percentage for industrial development at the present time for the continuation of development and the opening of projects in every week and factories specialized in various steel and food and other fields, and there is a real trend in front of the defense industry." .
And he finished "We have come a promised ourselves that we are in every week inaugurated a project to serve the citizen, who is keen to revitalize the Iraqi industry by inspecting local goods and heading towards it to supplement the national production," adding that "enacting laws are in the service industry and heading in this direction."
He noted that "the ministry has developed an integrated plan for the advancement of companies, especially after a Cabinet decision the need to approach the ministries and state institutions to the national industry, which gave impetus to the ministry to promote the companies and the opening of projects, and there is progress in the various food and other fields."
It is said that Iraq is going through an economic crisis suffocating as a result of the economy's dependence on oil, which dropped its prices to a large degree which required finding outlets and other sources reap including imports, including industry, agriculture initiating State making plans and taken a number of resolutions for the advancement of the industrial and agricultural sectors, among others.
The industry has called for earlier in all ministries and state institutions and citizens to the acquisition of national products and to support the local industry and dispensing imported foreign to Iraqi industry to recover, in order to thwart all plots targeting the identity and prestige of this country and trying to sabotage the economy ".anthy