Report of the auditor reveals the files of corruption in the Ministry of Higher Education

February 23, 2016 13:41

A new report by the World Checker for major corruption files at the Ministry of Higher Education caused the squandering of public money.
The report added that the ministry does not have a comprehensive guide to the procedures and policies and internal financial control of the ministry as well as the failure of the Audit and Control Department is reviewing and analyzing the final financial statements, validating and providing reasons for the fundamental differences in the past .. The report noted a decline in achievement, where the ministry has contracted with the UAE's Al Rawabi ratios the company Sapphire Towers for the establishment of a university hospital in Baya more than 219 billion in 2012 and the proportion of accomplished so far, 16% also contracted with fourth dimension company and the central building for the establishment of a teaching hospital in Karbala, worth more than 24 billion dinars, and the percentage of completion until now only 7% as the report revealed for having drawn instruments and balances outstanding from previous years within the paragraphs relating to salaries and wages returned it amounted to about a trillion and 300 billion dinars.