"Obelisk" published the text of the request and the oil minister of the prime minister to accept his resignation from office

02/23/2016 19:41

BAGHDAD / obelisk: publish "obelisk" The full text of the message Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, who sent it, to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, where acceptance of his resignation request.

This is the text of the message that I got, "obelisk" a copy of which, on Tuesday, "With all these leaks, rumors, Altsagitat, entered the country, or were introduced, the stage is more complicated .. mingled tangle, there is crisis management and government .. and the crisis in relations between the powers .. the crisis propriety curriculum .. and clarity of the functioning of institutions, rules and methods that you use. it has not changed today than was the case before more than 6 months when submitting the first reform package .. so it made before the emergency session in the book of my resignation 08.09.2015, did not Eardena any answer to this day .. and my goal was to resign, signal the growing imbalance and to move away from the sites struggle, far from the truth, institutional, and including poisons the atmosphere and disrupt progress and prevents the formation of a vision and the will of the unified, and to make space and time to master the Prime Minister to act, and to address the matter, both in the framework of the Council of Ministers or with the house .. and the text of this book:

The rule of Prime Minister and brother of Dr. Haider al-Abadi esteemed .. peace and God's mercy and blessings be upon you, but after, I had the privilege to work in the government, which chose the Council of Representatives to-headed .. has worked what I can, with the brothers and sisters in the oil ministry, leadership and workers, for progress in the sector oil and gas, the center of the occupation or threat "Daash" to important parts of the country, including oil and gas installations, including the refinery, "Peggy," and a piece of pipe connecting line between Kirkuk and the Turkish port, and occupation of the Akkas gas fields and threatened to Mansouriet, and many of the fields and refineries and installations Salahuddin, Kirkuk, Mosul and Anbar .. At a time when oil prices collapsed more than 50% from 2014 levels .. lowered the high rates of the country's budget .. and amid claims from the oil companies to pay nine billion dollars almost dues in 2014 .. not to mention the dues 2015 B16-18 estimated billion dollars .. under a political crisis with the province and other social and political .. and of demands and problems at work and various production sites in the provinces. We lost half of our production capacity to the filter, and disrupted investment projects because of the low budget, the government inherited upon receipt did not acknowledge responsibility for the budget of the House of Representatives and saddled with a deficit exceeded 80 trillion dinars, and many other things that are well known to you. Nevertheless, we have your support and cooperation of the faithful leap powerful Vajit the world to increase production and expand exports, within a very few months did not expect the best optimists, and reached levels unprecedented for the country that achieved in any earlier, despite all the frustrating and disruptive conditions, both factors financial, administrative or policy. . and we are still concerned companies and paid off the entire dues in 2014 and the first quarter of 2015.

The ministry paid in the coming days and weeks the second quarter of 2015, and we are confident to fulfilling all our commitments for the rest .. and we reached an agreement with the Kurdistan region passed by the House of Representatives for the organization's budget in 2015 for the return of calculated production region in the federal budget and bring life to the Kirkuk fields .. and we passed all the problems derivatives, and to prevent us from the country and the people of those crises that were taking place when the country is blessed with huge budgets, and the capabilities of filtering and imports higher, and the pressures of a consumer less, and provided fuel armed forces and rally public and the rest of the combat forces and our people's noble, as well as to produce electricity and to help the provinces and other ministries and the civil sector in increasing quantities .. and we started to stop the burning of associated gas and produce more gas, liquid and dry .. and we opened more liquidation lines, we stopped kerosene and liquid gas import, and we entered into serious negotiations for the construction of refineries by investing .. and accomplished important projects to improve Khozanatena and Anabebna and pallets solve a lot of problematic infrastructure, and well production rates national best, and we introduced a new type of oil "Basra heavy" helped to raise production levels and protect the quality of "Basra light", and many other things that are well known to you, completed during the standard period, and record numbers have not achieved the country previously, the center of this standard difficult circumstances, which the country has never gone through it.

Mr. Prime Minister .. response to the reference to the directives and in line with the general attitude of the bloc to which I belong, and to give the opportunity to Jnabkm to conduct the reforms the country needs, in order to assist in decision-making and appropriate measures corresponding to the Constitution, I offer my resignation Rajya acceptance. He also apologized for accompany you at the next formal Safartkm to China and reported by yesterday (postponed a visit and then realized later). I do asserting that I did not Aahabi one, and put national and professional interest above any other consideration, which bidden me heavy criticism from the people closest to .. do so despite the achievements above that proud of each official, and my goal of all facilitate your mission, and to stay away from sites that practiced conflict for many away from the truth, institutional, and poisons the atmosphere and disrupt progress, and prevents the formation of a vision and the will of the unified prevented from solving the problems plaguing the country, and to achieve the reforms that narrowing the corruption, and provide services and the conditions of living of the best for our people, and cited by repeatedly referenced, and many of the powers political sacrificing and noble, and a lot of loyal employees who spluttered first and last B conscience and the people after God Almighty .. and I will stay faithful to the great popular, and will not give it up and services as long at any location you are, as I have done for more than half a century .. I hope to you every success in your mission, Peace, mercy and blessings of God".

Adel Abdul-Mahdi