Member of the parliamentary finance: Higher Committee to follow up the money contraband will report next week

02/23/2016 12:04

{Baghdad} Euphrates News said the parliamentary Finance Committee member Jabbar al-Abadi said that the Higher Committee formed by the parliament yesterday to follow the money smuggled submit its report within the next week and will provide data on the amount of money base.
He said al-Abadi told {Euphrates News} "The House Speaker Salim al-face yesterday to form a higher committee takes two deputies management and the membership of committees of integrity, financial and legal foreign, security and defense and accountability, justice and relations shall prosecute and recover the money smuggled and held hearings with the executive bodies competent sessions tasks . "

He added that" this committee will be presented to the presidency of the Council its report in the next week to provide the database of the amount of money diverted and previously reached committees problem, "noting that" step formation of the committee in the right direction and will have a positive role and is working to recover at least a portion of the smuggled money. "

He noted that" to justify those hosted Yesterdays was unconvincing, and attributed the failure to recover the money to the overlapping work of the legislative bodies, while there is a flaw in the executive branch, which took this file, "pointing to" the lack of a database because of the lack of seriousness of parties working on this file, and this is making the amounts smuggled money is unknown, stressing that the amount of money diverted too big. "

The House of representatives had yesterday discussed the rebuilding of Iraq funds contraband, and reports of the relevant committees on the subject in the presence of representatives from a number of ministries and security agencies, and banking competent and a representative of the judiciary.

At the beginning of hosting noted Speaker Salim al-Jubouri that the Council will hold further meetings on the issue of smuggling of Iraq's money they need to in-depth research.

In the interventions confirmed Ezzat Tawfiq, deputy head of the Presidency of integrity that "the issue of recovery of looted funds is complicated and thorny, especially with the size of the external and internal challenges, "noting that" the legal system and laws on accountability and justice, and fairness in which some of the challenges, "adding that" the board integrity depends steps in coordination with the Foreign Ministry after the file is complete to then be piped to the State concerned. "

The Deputy Prime board of integrity that "the main problem is the lack of information, poor coordination with the concerned authorities to keep track of the money, and unify efforts on looted funds overseas," revealed the existence of 37 files ready for the board of integrity for money looted in some countries that do not cooperate with Iraq in return money.

For his part, he explained, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance Fadel Prophet "the ministry contacted several third parties without obtaining any information, also presented a proposed law in this regard, which is pending legislation by the House of Representatives."

For his part, Salah Khalaf Nuri head of the censorship financial agency that "the problem lies in the commission given to the views of assistance in recovering the money, and will be sending money smuggled a report to the integrity Commission."

For his part, pointed and Undersecretary of State that "tracing the money smuggled falls within the jurisdiction of the Department of legal Affairs, where the start of the cycle further investigate and the Department of recovery in the board integrity, and then the competent court to issue a decision, "referring to the absence of a diplomatic presence in the country on the accused's representation, and was coordinating with international bodies.

For his part, between on the Keywords central bank governor said" the central bank outside the framework of systems for follow-up money stolen file, but with regard to providing the information, "stressing the need to conclude memorandums of understanding with countries around the world to exchange information and to recover the money and the people.

This was followed by the integrity Commission, the parliamentary report on the money smuggled indicated it to be" smuggled money on the first two types belong to the period before 2003, and are subject Department of Finance and economic pursuits in the board accountability and justice, and the second concerning the money obtained through corruption and illicit business after 2003, which requires recovery of the issuance of judicial decisions with the international diary, or bilateral agreements between Iraq and other countries. "

The Commission pointed out having hosted the relevant departments managers recovery; to see the progress of the recovery process measures, and the obstacles facing their work, as well as meeting a number of ambassadors; for the purpose of benefiting from the experiences of these countries, and cooperation with Iraq.

The Committee noted that "the follow-up action to recover Iraq's money problem Fund under law No. 9 of 2012 detect not recover any amount in spite of the presence of deposits of Iraq in the states, as the Fund's board could not propose, or hold any international agreements, as well as a lack of action on the oil file for food ".

The Commission recommended to activate or modify refund Fund Act No. 9 of 2012, and demand to compel all ministries, institutions, and provincial councils determine the value of the damage to their constituencies with the importance of pressing the agreements were part of the States to cooperate retrieves convicted and money, as well as the importance of studying the experiences of countries in the fight against corruption one .anthy