The bankruptcy of investors and venture capitalists in Kurdistan

Sulaimaniyah balance news
Kurdistan's Parliament President Yusuf Mohamed, Tuesday, with many investors and venture capitalists have declared bankruptcy due to the economic crisis facing the region.

He said in a speech to the British Parliament building today, and its dependency/balance of news, that "the economic crisis in Kurdistan region impacted negatively on the citizens and officials of the Kurdistan region," pointing out that "a large number of investors and venture capitalists have declared bankruptcy.

He added that "the current crisis is a crisis faced by the citizens of Kurdistan, upheavals because of the economic crisis in the region to" a lack of economic infrastructure and dependence on oil source only, with marginalization of other economic sectors and corruption. "

He explained that "some external factors such as the war against daash and evacuees have an effect on the crisis.

The head of the Kurdistan Parliament, that "If the internal factors of the crisis will contribute to reducing the impact of external factors.

It is worth noting tIhat the Kurdistan region is suffering from significant economic and financial crisis, and the territorial Government's inability to pay its employees. ended 29