Pockets of citizens on a date with a new application fee for "the spirit of citizenship"

Tuesday February 23, 2016 10:08

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Iraq looms financial crisis threatens the standard of living and stability, which led to stalled development projects with the deterioration of oil prices, does it mean that the necessities of the economy allows for the government and its institutions and the House of Representatives Dreamers improvement in the age of what they like laws to bridge the fiscal deficit "scandalous?" Situation

The Government of Iraq is facing financial problem is not enviable, which led to a take a bouquet austerity measures, but the crisis Solutions is apparently not confined to obtain deductions from salaries and put citizens before the fait accompli in terms of increasing taxes, but surpassed the proposals "innovative" in the forefront charging for the ration card eligibility, generators and the establishment of a collection of these funds company, and the argument that they are always driven overpriced "symbolic" does not affect the citizen, who in turn asks, Is it stayed in the pocket to pay for something already?!.

Ration civil and generators .. next target

Says Baghdad provincial council member Mohammed al-Rubaie said in an interview Sumerian's News, "The next week will vote on three important projects in the Council, including the imposition of fees on each ration card by a thousand dinars for the purpose of take advantage of them in the construction and renovation of schools," noting that "these amounts Ststhsal through a proxy foodstuffs to be sent then to the provincial council. "

He adds al-Rubaie, said: "The second project is to impose fees on private generators that provide electricity citizens," he said, adding that "these fees will be more than a thousand dinars for each family."

Shows al-Rubaie, said "The third project is to vote on the establishment of collection of fees, which will formulate the general policy of the collection," explaining that "the Council will contract with one of the companies that have experience that will be organized in accordance with the law will proceed with her and will have an experienced staff in this matter and will establish fees for each Single. "

For its part, it announced that the Commission services and reconstruction, parliamentary and in the words of its chairman MP Nazem al-Saadi, support for the proposed decision to impose these fees, they "will not affect the citizens", and pointed out that the last budget did not reach required to serve the citizens there.

See Saadi during his speech to the Sumerian News, that "the spirit of citizenship must take precedence over all the simple things, especially that Iraq is going through a severe economic crisis, saying that" the amount of one thousand dinars in the event of the imposition of the ration card does not affect the citizen as far as offering a tender service to the citizen ".

In front of the Committee for Parliamentary Services member, Abdul Hussein Alazarjaoa says in an interview with Alsumaria's News, "it may not be for local governments to initiate laws where taxes without reference to Parliament, which is one of competence," asserting that "taxes levied after the formulation of laws to it by Parliament are allocated to the provinces ".

Alazarjaoa adds, "Governments have the right to initiate laws in the event of being a territory and placed its constitution to govern the relationship between the province and the center," noting that "local governments can not enact a law to tax as long as it is not so."

Alazarjaoa and pointed out that "in the event of local governments to impose taxes could lead to a case of abuse because it is possible that money imposes unrealistic and that the services provided are below the required level."

Popular discontent

Iraqi street seemed upset by the large number of measures taken by the government to cope with the financial crisis, being cast in all the burden on ordinary citizens, often described as "jurisprudence to cover the smell of corruption and thefts smelt."

Accordingly says Saad cream with a 46-year-old, "a day we wake up to the new decisions are said to address the financial crisis, but upon reflection it is clear that they suck money out of the pockets of ordinary citizens," asking, "Are you plagued pay money filling thefts enjoyed by con artists, politicians and officials petty? ".

It explains cream, in "all the nations of the world are taxes deliberate and employ in order to provide excellent services to the citizens, and this Btiah case is not available in Iraq, which means that that money is a royalty forcing citizens to pay to go into pockets rotten."

Sees cream, that "most of the officials in Iraq Ahtervoa deception and harness positions for personal benefits," noting that he "would be happy to pay taxes, she went condition in the right place, but to be a victim of being absorbed continuously grounds that the spirit of citizenship, is doing and exhort politicians and officials should be at the forefront sacrifice, not just marketers empty slogans. "

The accent is not without sarcasm, Karim suggested that "the imposition of taxes on the entry of bathrooms and walk the streets, and also exploit the mind breathing the air, too," but he also said "to be ashamed of themselves."

Trade is not interested ..

The Ministry of Commerce was quick to issue a statement in which she said, she "did not agree with either hand to increase the amount of ration," indicating that "to talk on this subject is the party that declared and the ministry is not interested in this subject."

The ministry added that "some members of the Baghdad Provincial Council in agreement with statements about adding the amounts on the ration is incorrect," noting that "the ministry is working according to the law and can not add the amounts, but procuring Economic Commission and the Council of Ministers and after the study provided the rationale remember."

The ministry warned that "those statements," asserting that "it been public opinion to the very sites in the complex," adding that "the current situation does not allow manipulation statements in the aftermath of the financial crisis."

It is noteworthy that Iraq is going through great financial crisis as a result of lower oil prices, which affected the general budget for Iraq, what followed most of the ministries and government institutions to impose fees and taxes to finance itself.