Confirmation invitations to activate discreet partnership

2/23/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
New member of the Baghdad Economic Forum Amer Jeweler his call to accelerate the adoption of plans in partnership between the public and private industry in order to achieve economic viability of Iraq.
Jeweler said everyone agreed on the importance of partnership for its role in the development of production and generates from the positives of the development process, stressing the need to adopt appropriate measures for the transition from theory to implementation, noting that internationally recognized style and by all accounts in the case of transmission of a public company to a joint venture or the contribution of the private sector, which means the local or a foreigner or two societies, can be done according to several models and opinion manner partnership in each company decided by the team formed for the purpose of conversion.

Successful partnership

He pointed out that the successful partnership methods require luring strategic partner, according to the partnership formula set by the Working Group on the transformation project, where you can have an agreement with the partner management or ownership or investment and management of the intervals to be agreed, or the establishment of a joint company, as can be agreement includes some of the conditions and mechanisms of administration the style of the vote in the joint management of the company after contracting in the light of the negotiation and agreement between the parties.

Gradual transformation

And that a partnership methods is the gradual shift from a public company to a mixed contribution The many models and the possibility of multiple participating parties and the percentage of each party and stock prices, which could be announced at the stock market in the case of allocation of a percentage of the shares for sale as stock dividends and the inclusion of the new company on the stock market .

Keys to Success

Jeweler said that the formation of the professional team and the decision of the style of the partnership targeted the completion of the task inevitably according to a program that does not diffraction him, but not necessarily is one of the keys to success, noting that the first step of the Working Group is to contract with an international consultant under international standards to lure consultants to submit bids prefer to be given by preference within the Rating Advisory offers a mechanism for the purpose of the contract with the international consultant, who is allied with
Local consultant.

A comprehensive program

He pointed out that the advisory task is to provide advice and recommendations of the team in charge of the transformation process in all its phases, starting from the development of the action plan and to identify the style of the target partnership and the number of partners and the percentage of each company's contribution and the preparation of a comprehensive program for the transformation process and details of tenders announced for the rehabilitation and luring affluent investors and international companies sober and with experience in field of specialization and has operations and technical capabilities and productivity and marketing and research and development and international relations in the economic-social activity to be taking into account the development of treatments for the side of the investment implications.


Jeweler stressed that the next step requires the development of the details and conditions of the investment file and it was announced to lure a partner to this announcement aimed at international companies qualified for the first phase and alliances, and The Advisory to advise and assist in the organization of promoting and contributing to develop trade-off investment offers standards campaigns and making trade-offs in negotiations with investors and coordination recommendation agreement with potential partner until a definitive partnership agreement. The final agreement on the legal and administrative restructuring and the new obligations and duties and rights of each party or partner, and the mechanism of action include measures process