Jubouri confirms the importance of activating trade and economic cooperation with China

2302 2016

As he emphasized Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the importance of activating trade and economic with the People's Republic of China cooperation, discussed with the parliamentary bloc's »Union of Forces» ongoing for the Liberation of the city of Mosul preparations from the influence of gangs «Daash» terrorist.

He stressed Jubouri during a meeting with Chinese Ambassador to Baghdad and Wang Yong on the occasion of ending his tenure, the need to create all favorable conditions in order to promote common interests through exchange of experiences between the two countries. He also reviewed with him bilateral relations between Iraq and China, and ways of developing them in order to ensure the interests of the two friendly countries, and the need to exert all efforts in order to sustain mutual cooperation at all levels, and also discussed with him the political and security developments in the region and the world.

And eighth-Jubouri, China's positions in support of Iraq especially in the face of terrorism, and humanitarian support to the displaced and displaced people, who contributed to the strengthening of relations between the two friendly peoples larger.

For his part, the Chinese ambassador, for support of the Parliament and the government of his country to the efforts of Iraq in all fields, especially the economic ones and humanitarian relief.

During his meeting with «Forces Union» Search Speaker of the Legislative Council, to prepare a comprehensive plan «to post Daash» The return of services to all areas affected by the military operations and re-displaced people to their areas as soon as possible », as well as ongoing for the Liberation of the city of Mosul from Conception terrorists preparations Aldoaash. And it took place during the meeting, to discuss legislation and important laws required by the current stage, especially with regard to political reforms and change Wazzara.ooodh statement, that «the meeting confirmed their support for all the reform process taking place in the country in order to serve Iraq's supreme interest and out of the country from crises circle especially with regard to fighting terrorism and eliminating and promotion of economic reality, and build a real state institutions based on the separation of powers and protection of human rights and establishing the principle of citizenship and participation in the rights and duties principles. »

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