Abadi, the decisions of the Constitutional sealed with wax

Dated: Tuesday 02/23/2016 7:25

Tariq Harb - legal expert
Commenting on some of the statements and opinions, on the participation of the popular crowd in the liberation of Nineveh, without the knowledge of the Constitution, this matter is resolved, especially as we are close to this liberation, he has entrusted the constitution, the prime minister - the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces this matter,
So that Article 110 of the Constitution, made the subject of armed forces from the jurisdiction of exclusive federal government in Baghdad, and therefore not for territory or for the provincial council or the governor or the political blocs or tribal leaders in the province and elsewhere, constitutional or legal authority in this matter, especially if the law governorates not organized province No. 21 year 2008 average, did not give the provinces, including the province of Nineveh, the validity of the armed forces.
This confirms that Article 78 of the Constitution, made the prime minister, commander in chief of the armed forces, and therefore it is solely responsible for the command of these forces, preparation, organization and formations, and related rations and weapons, movement and fight and fight, and everything related to these forces, and Make sure that the command again, Article IX of the Constitution which necessitated the subordination of the armed forces of this leadership, and that the armed forces are of all the Iraqi people, so these provisions are constitutional rules, Abant clearly, the owner authority, competence and power in the post popular crowd in the liberation of Nineveh , as the crowd PDF, part of the armed forces, according to the cabinet decision, which was issued a few months ago, and the resolution of the Prime Minister this in the Munich conference two weeks ago, before international forums, when it returned as decided by the Council of Ministers, on the popular crowd, and being a part of the armed forces, and therefore to say what he says the Prime Minister, depending on the constitutional provisions above, do not support any statement or opinion or comments, both released from the region or from the province of Nineveh, or of a political figure, or members of Parliament, but the decision of the Council House of Representatives, unlike the Prime Minister's decision, and this is what not to expect, because of the parliamentary majority that supports the participation of the crowd