Virtue attributes the recovery of money diverted to the multiplicity of actors and the lack of seriousness failure

00:58 - 02/23/2016 - The number of readers: 9

He attributed the head of the Virtue Ammar Tohme, retrieve the money diverted to the multiplicity of agencies involved in combating money contraband and the absence of seriousness failure. He said Tohme said in a statement quoted by the (Euphrates News) that "the multiplicity of agencies involved in this matter form a cause of the dispersion and the intersection rather than complement each other to achieve common goals for example, if it were to adopt the file management on the one hand be directly responsible or basic and the rest of those dolly and supportive working under the supervision of the basic provision for possible efforts towards a unified and assembled rather than dispersion. " He said the "absence of seriousness and follow-up to the concerned authorities to recover the money smuggled clear, for example, to recover the money smuggled Fund was established in 2012 and did not meet during these years, but nine times and did not recover Dinara one, which requires activation controlled parliament on his work and repetition of joint meetings with his parliament committees competent" . He pointed out the weakness of the incentive or bonus offered to informers, and we propose to determine the percentage of the total money to the informant determined by the Council of Ministers in each case, and endorsed by the parliament, noting that "the BSA said that he has an important file and do not know the reasons for the delay follow-up and recovery procedures to him and is supposed to clearly specify the methods and ways which are used by corrupt money in smuggling is it through the auction sale of the dollar, or through letters of credit and other phantom. " He said he "must specify controls the ports controls and closed as a precautionary measure to combat corruption, and at least is supposed to provide those responsible for the fight against and recover the money smuggled account for the money smuggled and registered with the authorities concerned to follow-up, as the declaration of the value of the amounts provides pressure on the regulators to continue and complete the recoverable" . "The central bank governor said the weakness of the attention of the central bank earlier in the block money out outside of Iraq, and this needs to identify people for negligence or negligent who recognizes the responsibility of the sites concerned in the Central Bank, and whether the new administration handled it a bug that caused a great loss of foreign currency seized by speculators It means illegal. " The House of Representatives yesterday discussed the money smuggled in the presence of the competent committees and the Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords, the intelligence chief and a representative of the Foreign Ministry and Head of Supreme Audit Salah Nouri al-Khalaf and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance Fadel Prophet and the representative of the President of the board of integrity, and a representative of the Supreme Judicial Council as well as the presence of a representative of the anti-Office money laundering. " The head of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri, the formation of a supreme committee shall prosecute and recover the money smuggled tasks. According to a parliamentary source said "the parliament speaker face to form a higher committee takes two deputies management and the membership of committees of integrity, financial and legal foreign, security and defense and accountability, justice and relations shall prosecute and recover the money smuggled and hold hearings with the executive bodies of the relevant tasks," noting that "al-Jubouri said this file Council's priorities in the next phase. "