Important Clarification on "Scandal MP Abdul-Hussein al-Musawi"
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Thread: Important Clarification on "Scandal MP Abdul-Hussein al-Musawi"

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    Important Clarification on "Scandal MP Abdul-Hussein al-Musawi"

    Urgent .. Important Clarification on "Scandal MP Abdul-Hussein al-Musawi"

    Encyclopedia of the Day News | Iraq News - published some pages phantom paid on social networking sites on a video clip offensive and accounted for deputy, Dr. Abdul-Hussein al-Musawi, as we deny categorically that cheap fabrications We would like to clarify a few things:

    1. The person who appears in the unknown in person video described his work for many of the sons of his province - worked as a policeman in one Mahafezat- Obviously, he did not take care of the reputation of the prestigious institution to which he belongs and Ashraf profession which therefore call on the Minister of Interior for appropriate action against him works.

    2. Who knows, Dr. Abdul-Hussein al-Moussawi, can not touch him, even a small amount of doubt that the same person appears in the video mentioned in terms of form, as well as those who knew Dr. and commitment to conduct virtuous and decent manners and avoid suspicion.

    3. Anck that these slanders Astunaha hired some political purpose miscarriage, not the person of Dr. al-Moussawi, but the point to which he belongs practices far from the virtues of morality and values ​​of Arab and Iraqi thoroughbreds.

    4. This is the first time that the stray aggregates dare anyone Dr. Musawi is not as interconnected Covenant did not take long for them they stormed his office in the province of Diwaniyah and the attack on the present and causing substantial material damage.

    4. where Dr. Musawi proved his commitment and effectiveness in the people of the province of Diwaniyah Distinguished Service including the Athtmlh narrow chests and souls envious, resorted to awaken Hmmm rabble who are small for them robe religion Vhbwa Khvava oblivious including violated the sanctity of God Oitmanhm them and Ukdha saying (as Tlqouna Bolsntekm and say Bofuahkm what you do is not aware of and Thsponh Hina, and when God is great) light 15.

    Information Office of the Islamic Virtue Party

    (Note from Doodle Brain- The Alleged video is a man and woman dancing in a private residence with someone filming it. G rated. The link is broken on the English version. I provided the Arabic version just so you could see the video.)

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