Trade launches a new batch of peasants dues

February 22, 2016 15:29
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The Iraqi Ministry of Commerce on Monday announced the launch of 50 billion dinars, down a new peasant dues for marketers of wheat, as charged the Ministry of Finance responsible for the delay dues for "non-secured cash flow", reassured the citizens to provide wheat until the end of this year and global origins sober.

The general director of the General Company for Grain Trade of the Ministry of Commerce Haitham beautiful Khali, in a press release, "The ministry launched a 50 billion dinars down new farmers marketers wheat crop dues," attributing the reasons for the delay of those dues to "failing to secure cash from the Ministry of Finance" .
And on the provision of material wheat assured Khali "decent citizen of wheat that are present year-end and global origins sober."
It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Commerce announced earlier that it continues to contract for the supply of foreign wheat and global origins are known to meet the needs of the ration card and improve the local quality of wheat during the mixing being conducted by the processing process for citizens