Integrity Announces refer the three officials "senior" to justice on charges of inflated money

Monday, February 22, 2016 - 20:37

Integrity Announces refer the three officials "senior" to justice on charges of inflated money

Announced the Integrity Commission, on Monday, to refer three "senior" to justice officials on charges of inflated money and graft without disclosing their names and their positions, while expressing surprise at parking some attitude "negative" of procedures after it was lifted, "the slogan fight corruption yesterday."

The press center of the body in a statement that the Integrity Commission. "According to the authority vested in the law referred the second meal of the defendants, claiming inflated money and graft to justice," noting that "procedures investigative led to the existence of signs of inflation three names funds are transmitted to the judiciary. "

The statement emphasized that "this body procedures but targeting specific corruption without personal goals or targeting a person or a party or a certain mass," stressing that the body "distancing itself from what some are trying to drag him from going into squabbles and controversies that distance it from the true mission and competence exclusive and its independence and impartiality that sticks out strongly, not deviate from them one iota. "

He added that "some voices have grown and tried to distort the accomplishment achieved," adding that "the body at a time when surprised dramatically Delinquency some to accusations them as they exercise a part of their competence commissioned by the law in a time when these same sounds and other disgracing them in previous years slow procedures and put them in the position of the accusation, expresses surprise at the attitude of some who was yesterday raising the slogan of the fight against corruption, and shirk today Maaddtha and advocacy, but stands a negative attitude toward the legal procedures. "

The statement stressed that the body "continuing its work an escalating pace, particularly through inflated money and graft file, despite the difficulties they face and the lack of Nasser," calling "true patriots and national media to stand up to her and not to yield to intimidation or amplification and distance itself from defamation the facts".

He pointed out that "the official website of the Commission is the only body authorized to officially transfer news, activities, and they are not responsible for what comes from statements or statements does not have its official source."