Committees to follow-up appointments with embassies and ambassadors certificates

Special - balances News - Announced to the parliamentary Committee on Foreign Relations, on Monday, for the formation of four sub-committees for follow-up appointments at embassies and ambassadors audit certificates and follow-up of funds abroad.

Committee Chairman Hassan Chuird L / balance News / "The committee formed four sub-committees within the Committee on Relations and distributed to the members of the Committee that the four sub-committees."

He added that "the committees would cost follow-up appointments at Iraqi embassies abroad and audit certificates ambassadors and embassies own infrastructure and lease its buildings and audit expenses and follow-up of Iraq funds smuggled abroad."

And was a member of the Committee on Foreign parliamentary relations Iqbal Abdul Hussein revealed, earlier, for receiving information and numerous complaints of the Commission pertaining to exchange large sums of money to rent buildings for Iraqi embassies abroad, as indicated that the Committee will discuss the matter with al-Jaafari during the period Almqublh.anthy 29