Harthy: government "dictatorship of the Investment Authority"

economy Since 02/22/2016 14:32 pm (Baghdad time)

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Accused of economic and investment commission in Parliament on Monday, government investment body idleness of investment and the economy of Iraq, noting that there is a dictatorship in the decisions taken by the Commission, which issued.

The Vice-Chairman of the Committee Harith al-Harthy's / balances News /, that "the slowdown in stimulating the economy was due to the economic process demolitions in general since 2003 and the beginning of the formation of this government where there were laws and regulations disrupted addition to marginalize and leave the private sector by the government and lack of interest in him and this which is what led to the big lag in the economic process. "

He added, "The slowdown in the government to diversify the sources of Iraq was due to its inability to provide most of the investment projects and the freezing of the private sector, the reason for this delay," adding that "rebuilding the economy of the country is not torn down as a process that could last 50 years."

He pointed out that "the absence of competencies and distancing itself from the main work centers in the state led to the weakening economy also," revealing that "the state is now in the process of providing the best that can be provided to Iraq."

He revealed that "the investment in the government is the main blocking investment," noting that "there is a dictatorship to make decisions and not to be applied."

The committee of economy and investment representative revealed, earlier, from the negligence of the government to support public and private sector national production, confirming that it was not promoted to the investment law, which helps in the promotion of economic reality in Iraq.

From: Nur al-Din Wahba