Heads of blocs supporting the "fundamental reform" provided compatibility and prioritization

2202 2016
They agreed on a period of one month to carry out "reshuffle"

Watching the political blocs participating in the government and parliament, the Provisions of the "fundamental reforms" intended to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi put forward soon.

With all the "partners" agree on the need for reforms and changes in the ministerial cabin, a mechanism of change remains unknown so far.

And see a coalition of law; bloc to which he belongs Abadi; The heads of blocs support the implementation of a comprehensive reform in the government anticipated.

The MP for the coalition of law Haider Mawla that the heads of blocs agreed that "the process of change taking place within a month," suggesting that the reforms will include a "reduction in the number of ministries", which will affect some of the blocks.

He says Mawla told the "New Morning", "Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi asked carte blanche from the parliament to proceed with the implementation of reforms."

He points out that "authorization means not calculated ministries in the new government according to the number assigned to each block in the parliament seats, but are choosing competent and honest by the Prime Minister and vote on them in the parliament."

He asked Abadi of Parliament, yesterday, granted-year mandate on according to the harmonic principle to form a government, pointing to the existence of two options; the first depends on the current quota system; and the other is based on the principle of consensus with the House of Representatives.

Of a coalition of pro-reform law Abadi's position was similar to the positions of Kurdish blocs, but they developed two basic conditions to support the upcoming change.

Says MP from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Bakhtiar Shaways that the Abadi into account two major reform in its procedures are; relying on the Constitution, and taking into account the political consensus.