Industry Minister calls for Iranian companies to enter into effective partnerships with the Iraqi counterparts

1:09 - 02/22/2016 - Hits: 39

During a joint press conference

He called on the Minister of Industry and Minerals Engineer Mohammed Darraji Iranian specialized in all fields of industry companies to conclude investment contracts and agreements effective partnership with the Iraqi counterparts to develop the industrial reality of Iraq and the implementation of industrial projects that serve the two neighboring countries with all possible facilities, according to Iraqi law in this regard and in the light of the legal ground availability legislative joint investment between the public and private Iraqi public sector and the private Iranian .jae during a joint press conference held at the ministry building with the Minister of Industry and trade of Iran, Mohammad Reza Nemat after an extended session of talks held by the two sides in the presence of agents ministry adviser scientific and a number of general managers in the ministry and its representatives a number of Iranian companies addressed the discussion of many of the common issues and issues concerning the industrial and investment cooperation between Iraq and Iran in the next phase he pointed Darraji in his interview that he had been agreement on the training of Iraqi cadres in all industrial sectors and discuss ways to support military industries in Iraq under the government's drive to encourage national industries and reducing imports, pointing out that the coming stage will witness the holding of meetings and visits of delegations from both countries and further dialogues in order to reach a protocol for industrial cooperation future between the two countries, adding that will be supplied to the Iranian side and the Iranian embassy in all legislation that covers legal deal, partnership and investment between the two countries in light of the approved international laws. from his part, the Iranian Minister of Industry for his country welcomed the development of bilateral relations on all levels and in all fields, stressing Iran's readiness to support Iraq in the areas of exchange of expertise and training and expand the opportunities for industrial cooperation, stressing that he would take on himself to encourage investors and invited Iranian companies to handle the investment and engagement with the Iraqi industrial sector, pointing out that the two sides will continue meetings and meetings in order to reach the targets set in the interest of the two countries.