Deputy: reasons for delay in the crowd fighters salaries due to the presence of fake names

2016-02-22 02:04:01 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Member of the Committee attributed the economy and investment parliamentary Najiba Najib reasons for delay in the popular crowd fighters pay the salaries to the existence of fake names on the lists and their data, as revealed the formation of a committee to check those names and put them delusional.

She said Najib in a statement that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi confirmed the existence of corruption in the lists of names, salaries of the popular crowd, prompting the need for scrutiny by the formation of an ad hoc committee and then the dues fighters active after the end of the Commission of its work, adding that the lists that were provided to the accounts containing the names of non-real.

The Associate Jihadist Brigades master of martyrs (one of the formations of the popular crowd), MP Faleh al-Khazali, revealed in (February 6, 2016), on the inability of the government delivered the crowd for all four previous months' salaries, and also confirmed that a 30% discount from the amount of the total salary and reduced from 750 to 500 thousand dinars, and to stop the disbursement of 150 dinars allowance food for fighters, he pointed to the existence of efforts to restore the salary to its first in two months.