The money-changers Association Iraqis assess first Conference

2016-02-22 00:48:02 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad / hope-Presse

Forged Iraqi Chierweijn Association its founding conference the first under the slogan (Iraqi Chierweijn economic mobilize investment for their Iraq), in the presence of a group of businessmen and the collection of the owners of the profession of banking, private banking and permeated the conference, presenting the stolen work curt Ahtwat many meaningful programs that will contribute to the the development and the recovery of the profession, how much was discussed by the Assembly some of the issues pertaining to the provision of safe environment and support this vital sector, and resulted in the conference for the consolidation of seeing the development of national banks and improve their performance while manholes Karim Mattar president of the association said that the defense of the rights of Iraqis Chierweijn is our goal and work to alleviate the burden economic falling on their shoulders, and work to assist in the installation of the dollar exchange rate, and help people to get on exchange rates through government outlets without exploiting them greedy traders, as well as work to establish training courses for Iraqi Asirvien.

He Alkhbayralaguetsada Abdul Sattar al-Husseini said the main challenges of the work of the profession of banking these risks and not to allow the number of adequate and confined to only a few of the special monopoly on direct purchase of the currency bankers and control the price of traded, and contrary to free-market rules that country seeks to consolidate as the basis to build a free and sophisticated unable economy to overcome the red tape and strict instructions that limit the circulation of money movement.

He noted that the likelihood of a direct impact on the market economy because of the late arrival of the currency to its users and the consequent effects on price increases, delaying cargo handling movement inside and outside Iraq, depriving hundreds of working in the banking sector companies to take advantage of direct sales and the reduction of its activity and profits which companies contribute to the budget of the exchange rate and the speed of currency trading and meet the needs of large segments of the national economy. Speaking economist Khaled Musa Iraqi News Agency hope Presse said that this sector is facing terrorism physical liquidation of the criminal gangs but it works without interruption mention, he added, saying that the multiplicity of that trade is a testament to the health and safety of the Iraqi economy. The Iraqis Chierweijn Association is working tirelessly and set up several training courses concerning banks and investment companies competent in this field of work.