The amnesty law to Parliament on table


After resolving differences

Member of the parliamentary legal Committee revealed Ibtisam Al-hilali that tomorrow will see ask Amnesty Act at the table after the House of representatives resolved all the contentious points. Hilali said that "the amnesty law to be put before the Parliament on Monday, saying" resolving a sticking point before all the blocks and is accused of terrorism are not covered by this law ". "As for the Federal Court Act, the parliamentary legal Committee gave a deadline to resolve the dispute and the Kurds passed law", noting that "a compromise solution was reached with the Iraqi Kurdistan to pass the law this week or next week." He was mp for the Liberal bloc Awad Al-Awadi said the parliamentary legal Committee now reached to the final outcome is to be more than a proposal, and leave it to the House for a vote, and this freedom of choice away from consensus. As a member of the parliamentary legal Committee, Geir that the Committee had concluded its discussion of the Federal Court Act and that it is waiting for the opinion of the Parliament Commission for placing on the agenda of the sittings of the House.