Parliament discusses report on regulatory recovery of funds smuggled abroad. Parliamentary integrity "Zora": use of Arabic and University Security Council to monitor Iraqi funds after 2003

February 21, 2016 9:07 pm

Author: alzawraapaper

Al-zawraa Yousef Salman:

The House resumes normal sat down Monday to discuss Iraqi smuggling file abroad with confirmed parliamentary integrity Commission include in its Iraqi funds smuggled file use internationally to restore those funds smuggled abroad. "the Commission's formal Deputy Adel Nouri» parliamentary integrity Commission finalized its report on the recovery of funds smuggled into foreignC to introduce for discussion during the meeting on Monday.

He said the Parliamentary Committee working on» axes, I recover the funds, and the other most wanted fugitive recovery axis for these thefts, adding that so far there is no» fixed amount, there was no official information on the size of those smuggled funds ".

He explained that» there is money transformed into fake companies and aliases, over the difficulty of tracing and retrieval. "he felt that the recovery of these funds requires» cooperation stakeholders at the Commission of integrity and intelligence, the judiciary, the anti-money laundering Department of the Central Bank and the ministries of the Interior and Foreign Affairs."

He stressed that the Parliamentary Committee reached» number of proposals would be presented to Parliament, on the basis of important and necessary issues that aFor on refund must be in one ring and connect one».

He said that» refund contraband is not the required level not only recovers a fraction is not commensurate with the size of the big money in contraband. "with the other Committee member Mohammed confirmed the fact that Hamidi that Iraq will use to other States to recover funds smuggled via the issuance of judicial judicial decisions to recover Iraqi funds.»

Said Al-zawraa»» the work of the Commission on the recovery of funds smuggled abroad is divided into two-fold, firstAffiliated funds of the former regime, the second inquiry on money smuggled to overseas corruption, including buying property. "

He noted that" there are some of those money Finder and requests a refund and pursued by the Executive branch.

He added that Iraq member» and refund agreements, and assisted by international donors for the smuggled money back by issuing judicial decisions to recover Iraqi funds».

He said the Parliamentary Committee developed a vision» accurate about the size of those funds smuggled abroad and will announce the statistics and figures available in custody. The smuggled funds» file cannot be resolved definitively but will come to good results regarding this matter.

He noted that the Parliamentary Committee on integrity» will the separation of funds in particular that there is some money in contraband but source project, there are forms on ejecting out of the country and its impact on the economic cycle, which must be active inside the country and other unlawful. He stressed that the Parliamentary Committee formed four» committees within each met with the Central Bank and Fund of funds at the Ministry of finance and the integrity and authority of the judiciary, because joints are responsible for recovering funds.

He pointed out that "the Parliamentary Committee's proposals included mechanisms for the recovery of funds, the use of Arabic and University Security Council of Iraqi funds abroad account after 2003 and before.