Citizen .. pillar basically out of the economic malaise

2102 2016

To help the state to overcome the economic crisis, activists and human rights activists called on citizens to support the state through the use of financial savings in the micro-economic income-generating projects or put them in the bank, while praised the campaign "home Manajk" launched by the Iraqi Media Network.

The director of the center of the mirror to monitor and develop media performance improvement of Dr. Al-Attar said the country is large and very dangerous because of the financial crisis and the decline is unprecedented in oil prices, which was reflected clearly on the economic activities

In the country.

He said Al-Attar, in an interview for the "morning", said that "these times you need to unite the efforts of civil society organizations and citizens in order to address this situation and the subsidy the state to skip it," praising the Iraqi Media Network, which he described as "serious" initiative for being develops a sense of citizen responsibility toward his homeland and to be supportive and Sanda him. "

Building a healthy economy

Attar stressed that "many countries have surpassed similar crises and came up with a strong economy and well supported by the citizen of the actions taken by the state and economic experts and politicians, stressing the need to" be there actions and initiatives of civil society urges citizens to pay part of the dues that must be paid to the state fees for water, electricity and health, which would raise imports of the province or state and there is a kind of stand up and confrontation in the face of this crisis

Economic. "

For his part, the head of Iraqi Jurists Union Naima Ali al-Shammari called service providers not to impose excessive fees for services to the citizens, especially with the cuts imposed on the salaries of employees and retirees.

Citizen focus of attention

Among al-Shammari, in an interview for the "morning", we hoped from the government after it announced its program of government to be a citizen is the focus of attention and not untouched by the austerity policies, and that the biggest cuts with special grades and senior government officials ratio, pointing out that we stand with the application law to pay all the wages owed by the citizen of water, electricity, health, and would have to service departments to provide best services to him, and try to deliver citizen services for these bills at the right time and not delay leading to accumulation.