Deputy for the National: We need a revolution administrative comprehensive real change

National Alliance MP Hassan Khalati, said the country needs a comprehensive management revolution to bring about real change.
He said Khalati, in a statement received by all of Iraq [where], a copy of it, that "the process of change required if the target of reform, either change for the sake of change only, this is a random process," noting that "the reshuffle may be just a case of if they are based an assessment of the performance of the ministry, and taking into account the physical status, and produced in previous years. "
He stressed the "importance of establishing certain criteria for those who receive the ministry; because we consider that a partial cabinet reshuffle simple process that does not constitute a significant part of the reform process; because we need to change the curriculum and administrative revolution comprehensive; to bring about real change."
"Today if we made other reforms and other changes without an ambitious citizen, it is natural that senses the Iraqi street frustrated; therefore come to invite the political blocs to consult with the prime minister in the process of change for the success of the reform process."