Vice: The government is able to offer a program to change the nature of the Ministerial

MP for the National Alliance, said Rahim al-Daraji, the government is able to offer a program of the nature of the ministerial change.
He said al-Darraji, said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where], a copy of it, "turned out by hosting the Prime Minister in Parliament yesterday, he said there are many differences in views between the political blocs and the government, which is not new, as shown us that the government is able to provide a program for the management of the country's situation and the ministerial change and the nature of this change. "
"We believe that the main reason the differing views and lack of implementation of programs in the decision-making circle and continued on their way politicians that lead us to increasing political differences and problems capacity and thus the loss of the future of our children."
The House of Representatives hosted in its meeting on Saturday, February 20, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, to discuss the cabinet reshuffle and the financial crisis.
He said al-Abadi through hosted, said the reshuffle is required for the existence of a serious economic crisis that requires people professionals to manage the Iraqi economy, "noting that" the existence of the first two options depends on the current quota system and the other to adopt the principle of consensus with the House of Representatives, "calling on the House of Representatives to" give him a mandate to year according to harmonic principle to form a government. "
He also called for a cabinet reshuffle through specialized and professional team with a homogeneous representation ingredients and do not exceed its presence to express the diversity of Iraq, calling on both possess the will and the ability to progress to fill some of the administrative and executive positions.