Baghdad put detachments customs between the Kurdistan Region and the provinces of central Iraq


Roudao - Baghdad

The Deputy Director General of the Customs territory of Kurdistan, Abdul Kader Abdullah, the Iraqi government has put about a week ago, detachments customs, the border between the province of Kurdistan, and the cities of central Iraq, and are snapped customs on commercial goods that enter Iraq from the Kurdistan Region, on the pretext that Kurdistan Regional Government does not apply tariff.

Abdullah said, the network Roudao media, said that "the Iraqi government has done this, met with resentment from the merchants, because of customs imposed on them again."

She attributes the Directorate General of Customs reason not to apply the tariff Iraqi law, by the Kurdistan Regional Government to "take into account the financial crisis, and the lack of salaries of the staff, and the lack of money traders", because "the tariff law of the Iraqi Asthsal more money from the merchants."

He showed the people of Basra earlier, refusing to apply tariffs Iraqi law, outlets in the province, accusing the Iraqi Minister of Finance forcing traders through this law, the import of goods from the province of Kurdistan to Iraq.

As it suggested by some lawmakers in the Iraqi parliament, during a discussion of the 2016 budget, that the Iraqi government put detachments customs on the border between the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, and the implementation of the tariff law on merchants.