Deputy: the Abadi exceeded appointment by proxy in cabinet reshuffle

The Deputy for the National Alliance, the need to overcome the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi acting appointments to positions in the cabinet reshuffle.
Abboud said al-Issawi, told all of Iraq [where], "in the past sessions a lot of positions managed by proxy, and is supposed to send the names to the House of Representatives for approval, but remained dozens of positions of Deputy Ministers and advisers and leaders of military teams and even independent bodies, and other positions are managed Acting presumably this episode exceeded subtracting names to the House of Representatives for a vote. "
He added that "the Prime Minister, according to the Constitution is primarily responsible for the country's policy and may appoint a proxy, for the management of ministries and some positions but on a temporary basis until replacements nominated by the Council of Ministers and referred to the House for the purpose of voting on them."
Issawi and pointed out that "the prime minister's call for the formation of cabins cabinet of technocrats specialist, we are with them and support them," adding, "but this issue must be doing a study and consultation, because there is a party legislative responsibility which Parliament must be consulted blocks and forwarded the names to the House of Representatives, composed of parties The blocks and if you do not agree can not vote. "
He pointed out that "the ball is now in the court of the leaders of the blocks, and they have to live up to national responsibility and understand that the country needs a professional cadres working Balmemkn in exceptional circumstances through which the light of the fight against terrorism and corruption as well as the provision of services and the application of laws and address the IDP crisis."
He said al-Issawi, said that "a lot of hot task now facing the government and the Prime Minister, who is in a thorny stage unenviable Thus stroll things, and you must help him, and we need to be selfless and avoid jumping on the interests of the masses towards the payment of cabins cabinet of technocrats far from political loyalty."