Deputy for the National: Abadi will not succeed to exceed the quota system in the cabinet reshuffle

Ruled the National Alliance MP Amer al-Khuzai, the ability of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to overcome the principle of political quotas in the government formation and the ministerial change.
Said Khuzai told all of Iraq [where] that "the parliamentary political system in Iraq force the government to conformation by the quota system because the voting is not only the compatibility between the political blocs."
He explained Khuzai, said that "al-Abadi seeks to change and to achieve stability and move away from quotas, and this will not be unless there is a consensus between the blocs on his" calling "the political blocs to cooperate with the Prime Minister to realize his vision of reform."
He noted that, "unless it is to achieve political consensus about the radical change posed Abadi, there will be a problem in the country."
He Khuzai, "The vision of Abadi summed radical change of the cabins government, calling on him to" put forward a comprehensive and functional program for state institutions. "
On the possibility of infiltration figures belong to the Baath Party into the new government formation, Khuzai ruled out, it said that "this will never happen because the Justice and Accountability Law takes effect and will not allow any Baathist infiltrating the government."
The House of Representatives hosted in its meeting on Saturday, February 20, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, to discuss the cabinet reshuffle and the financial crisis.
He said al-Abadi through hosted, said the reshuffle is required for the existence of a serious economic crisis that requires people professionals to manage the Iraqi economy, "noting that" the existence of the first two options depends on the current quota system and the other to adopt the principle of consensus with the House of Representatives, "calling on the House of Representatives to" give him a mandate to year according to harmonic principle to form a government. "
He also called for a cabinet reshuffle through specialized and professional team with a homogeneous representation ingredients and do not exceed its presence to express the diversity of Iraq, calling on both possess the will and the ability to progress to fill some administrative and executive positions.