The province declare that the application of the customs tariff and Baghdad put detachments on its borders

The relevant authorities approved in the Kurdistan region not to apply the law of customs tariff of imported goods and Dakhla each to the central and southern provinces.
He attributed the Deputy Director General of Customs province, Abdul-Qader Abdullah in a press statement, the reason for non-application of tariff law to "taking into account the financial crisis, and the lack of salaries of the staff, and the lack of money the traders, because the tariff law of the Iraqi Asthsal more money from the merchants."
He revealed, "put the federal government about a week ago, detachments Kmarkip, in the border between the Kurdistan region and the provinces of the center, and the taking and obtaining sums customs on commercial goods entering Iraq from the region, due to the non-application of the KRG tariff customs."
Abdullah said, "The conduct of this federal government, met with resentment from the merchants, because of the imposition of customs on them."
The House of Representatives approved in its meeting held on 11 of last August, on the first package of governmental and parliamentary reforms included addressing tax evasion, both in terms of income tax and broaden the tax base, and the application of customs tariff fair at all border crossings, and including Kurdistan outlets.
The Cabinet voted during the emergency meeting, on 9 of last August, on the application of the customs tariff on all border crossing points.
A source in the prime minister, for [where], that "the Council voted on the application of the customs tariff fair at all border crossings, and including Kurdistan, and the use of international companies discreet in this area to prevent corruption and promote national product, and to prevent flooding the Iraqi market."