Abadi Office: important decisions about residential and agricultural land


Union, announced the Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said the next two months will witness issue decisions to address the residential and agricultural land uses. The director of the office Mahdi Keywords in a press statement, said that "the last period where a lot of random happened in residential land distribution to beneficiaries, where exploited in inappropriate ways, leading to the loss of benefits." He added that "the next two months will see a citizen of key decisions to address land uses through the consolidation of all decisions Bakrrarin one for housing and the other on agricultural land." Keywords and pointed out that the meeting will be held on Monday in the presence of representatives from a number of provinces, including Basra, to address all the gaps that occurred in the previous instructions and decisions regarding the distribution of residential land and agricultural land use. He said there are several options have been put forward to address the gaps in previous resolutions on this matter and that the decision to cancel the construction of 300 vertical residential land option, and one of these options. The Cabinet announced last Tuesday, February 16, agreeing to the terms of converting agricultural land to residential pieces. A statement by the prime minister, said that "the Council of Ministers decided to take measures to stop the bulldozing orchards and agricultural land and prevent their diversion to residential land or change their use for other purposes, while allowing transfer of her gender and based on the powers of the Council of Ministers, under the following conditions: be a construction is contrary to the basic design, and that this piece is based on the form of an apartment complex, and that the building be built on a plot of land from the fixed material.