Southern ports demands the application of customs tariffs just in all border crossing points

Date: Sunday, 21-02-2016 05:28 am

Follow-up/Iraq today
Public company called southern ports, the application of customs tariffs on all border crossing points, indicating that traders reluctant to pay customs duties in southern ports for 20 days.
Director of media company said NET Tigers: "customs tariffs imposed on southern ports without", stating that "many merchants refused to pay customs duties at first, expecting the Government to amend its decision." the net, "he said:" the new law imposes fees kmerkih by 30% while goods are in northern ports as a top 5% ", adding that" the company does not want dealers to transfer cargo from Iran to the North because of this, but you must enter All border crossings after unite these fees. NET continued: "traders have performed initially in customs fees for 20 days significantly affecting the movement of goods to be cleared later kmrkia after that desperate to stop work, particularly some of those goods are liable to damage", revealing "719 truck for the past three days."NET called "the need to unify customs duties on all border crossings, whether in the North or the South, and to apply fair and acceptable in other ports." Iraq is linked with neighbouring States through 13 border ports, in addition to five air ports and five naval ports and ports is Rabia with Syria and with Jordan, post at port and port Arar with Saudi Arabia, and Iran, with walmnzerih Shalamjah and Ibrahim Khalil port that connects Iraq by Turkey of the highlighted border. demonstrated dozens of merchants, importers and agents output Customs near Umm Qasr port trade in February 2016 to protest the application of the law on customs tariff in border ports in Basra without the commitment of ports in Kurdistan applied