War attached to the transmission integrity of senior officials to justice: well done. They based the first

Date: Sunday, 21-02-2016 05:34 am

It seems that Thursday-18 our the dance days, watches, wedding day real integrity Commission Act (where did you get this?). At least according to expert opinion, and note that the integrity Commission before today, was a member in the body of the Iraqi judiciary!!
Legal expert, Tariq Harb, did not skimp on documented legal language: "the integrity Commission, last Thursday in a roster of top officials, two of whom were in the position of Deputy Prime Minister, the two degrees, an application is the first, integrity, principle (where did you get this?) Or what the integrity Commission Act (graft), he admitted the war in coming to us, that was triggered by integrity, is also her bitter first something tangible: "for the first time, enable the integrity of legal action applied this principle. Although the first law for the integrity Commission, released in 2004, but did not find application only after 12 years. Despite a long, to prove that the Iraqi legal system, and the included articles (18) to (20) of the integrity Commission Act-No. (30) of 2011, graft (where did you get this?) When the law was considered both an increase in funds per employee, legally bound to report on financial disclosure, and the wife and sons, and after the war gives us further explanations involving the law mentioned in the previous paragraph: "if its disclosure money funds are not commensurate with the resources of that employee, or his wife or children, it is earned, unless the employee, that the money was earned from legitimate sources. Any general rule. Any increase in funds, is increasing, and the employee, to prove that this increase, increase, in order to avoid the procedures established by the law, including transmission to achieve integrity, to question and investigate the source of such funds, and results disclosure. It is one of two areas: "If this employee proved that more money was a legitimate source, the investigation is closed, if not prove, that a sentence of imprisonment for five years, and forfeiture penalty, penalty, penalty as funds increase of overdue law.. Any such penalty charge, penalty, and financially, for example, imprisonment for a term not infrequently, and confiscate the money, fine, penalty, 10 billion dinars, not a few ", and on the assessment of the final war for its integrity, it might seal its:" well done body integrity, taking this step, after that failed, since its inception until now. "