Dry reveal exceptions amnesty law and declare Send comments to the Commission on Human Rights on the draft

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Sunday 02/21/2016

BAGHDAD - A fraternity
It revealed a member of the parliamentary human rights committee MP Ashwaq dry, for exceptions to the general amnesty law, as confirmed send comments to the Commission on Human Rights on the law to the Legal Committee.
Dry and explained that the Human Rights Commission did not participate in the amnesty law has objected to this, and sent written comments to the Legal Committee for discussion and consideration and inclusion.
She noted that the Commission suggested the failure to extend all kinds of money-laundering offenses in the law, not just the crimes of money laundering with a view to financing terrorism, as stated in the letter of the law.
She said the dry, we wish the law was passed at the current stage because it contains many exceptions as to achieve some sort of balance between the families of the victims and prisoners, and must be seen from the viewpoint of a humanitarian, not political, in order to reduce the number of detainees and prisoners, does not mean that the perpetrators of terrorist offenses and serious crime, but crimes that can be relieved by the defendants and re-integrate them back into society.