Sadr poses figures shall nominate ministers to the Government of the names of [independent] headed Abadi
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Called the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr to form an "independent committee" headed by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi nominate an independent ministerial cabins.

Sadr said in a statement that the committee "take it upon themselves to comprehensive reform in Iraq after reaching the entire political process without Astthae party or a particular party into the abyss."

He added that "after the escalation of the authority's voice and the people called by the real root does not mock reform Prosthetic Having announced a comprehensive draft national reform and to ward off the evils in the joints of the state and the exclusion of Mhassat partisan and sharing the bounties of Iraq and looting suggest the formation of a committee headed by al-Abadi characterized by full neutrality without leaning to a certain point of working in accordance with independent without interfering with their work at all. "

The condition of the chest can not be the committee "sympathetic with us and not close to us nor any party and only Iraq, it bears the nomination cabins ministerial national independent technocrats at a rate of three to five people each ministry according to specific criteria."

He stressed the leader of the Sadrist movement that characterized the selection criteria for candidates for the cabins of Ministers to "independence and not to have them entered Balhzbah and partisanship, and be of Iraqi nationality campaign exclusively under multinational, and be with good national reputation, and be with distinguished career and experience and administrative Macs and become specialists from the broad professional, and without regard to ideological affiliation [sectarian] and without regard to their party or their race, or all of those scales that claimed Iraq to death and the government to work to corruption. "

And was nominated chest administration that Committee Paula: judges and they judge Abdul Qadir al-Hamdani, Judge Sami al-Mamouri, Judge Aso Sophie]

Academics nominated both: Fares Kamal Nazmi, and Faleh Abdul-Jabbar, and peace Sumaisem.

As al-Sadr was nominated for membership of the political committee in charge of the nomination of persons for ministerial cabins that called her to understand [Sami Al paste, and Ali Abdul Amir Allawi, and Amer Hassan Fayyad.

Also nominated independent staff "Shabibi [former central bank governor ,and Ghazi Cka, and Jabbar and coffee."

As well as Alascarah Commission for this committee to be consulted bound by them, according to al-Sadr statement they "Ghazanfar Hammoud, good Humairi, and Haidar Saeed al-Janabi and the happiest, and Abdul Redha Jawad, and Riad minister, and Qasim care."

The cleric Moqtada al-Sadr that he would go "ahead despite that all the political blocs do not want independent Baltknuaqrat" noting that "With the lack of success of this project will be ours and other steps," he said.

"Then I repeat that this applies even to the blocks close to us, without exception."

He concluded his statement by saying that "After the success of his cabinet will be presented to Prime Minister puts it in the hands of the House of Representatives for a vote within five days and forty that we noted previously have."

He is due to host the House of Representatives in its meeting today the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to discuss the ministerial call for change and the financial crisis.