Territory," calling for a meeting with Baghdad does the oil agreement and hints at willingness to compromise on "debt"
20/02 2016

Called on the Kurdistan Regional Government, on Friday, to convene an urgent meeting between officials in Baghdad and Erbil to discuss the return to the inactivated oil agreement between the parties, and while confirming that it owed the federal government more than $ 20 billion in debt for the years 2014 and 2015, signaled a willingness to give up in exchange for the payment of staff salaries of the Peshmerga forces for the past four months.
Furthermore, it renewed for Oil and Energy Committee in the House of Representatives the government's readiness to return to the negotiating table, but it required commitment to the Constitution and the federal budget by both parties.

According to the official spokesman for the provincial government Sven Dzia to "New Morning" that "discussions in Baghdad and Erbil last had so far not discussed the oil accord inactivated, but touched on the headlines related to the economic crisis and the face of the terrorist organization Daash."

Dah Ziyi said that "the region heard the possibility of returning to this agreement through the media in a statement to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, and did not witness anything serious."
He pointed to "the ability of the Kurdistan region to deliver 550,000 barrels to Baghdad in return we get our share of the budget amounting to 17%."

Dah Ziyi revealed that "under the official reports, the Baghdad sent us during the past two years, about $ 3 billion only, the remainder Bzmtha more than $ 20 billion."

He hinted, spokesman for the provincial government to the possibility of opening a new page of relations by calling for "periodic meetings from which to settle the matter and return to the agreement."

Dah Ziyi confirms that "the city of the provincial government employees and pensioners and salaries of the Peshmerga forces four months ago, on Baghdad be borne if you wish to activate the agreement."

He reiterated "his accusations to the Baghdad government not to its earlier commitment to the agreement that forced us to export our oil by about a solo beginning of June."
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