Member of the parliamentary legal ruled out a general amnesty included in the Monday session of the continuing dispute

Ruled out in the parliamentary legal committee member of the inclusion of draft general amnesty law in the next parliamentary session.
Morshedi Ali said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that "the general amnesty law will not begin during this period," noting that "the most prominent differences demand by some political blocs to include terrorists do."
He added that the "general amnesty law will not begin during this period," noting that "the law will be postponed because of disagreements about it."
Morshedi pointed out that "the most prominent differences is the inclusion of terrorists to this law," pointing out that "general amnesty law will not be included in next Monday's session agenda."
He continued, "The ongoing debate to resolve points of contention and then vote on the law."
The head of the parliamentary human rights committee Arshad Salhi, said today that the draft of the amnesty law does not cover whose hands the blood of Iraqis. "
Committee member revealed yesterday Dry longings for the most prominent exceptions contained in the draft of the amnesty law, which parliament approved plans to soon.
She said dry in a statement, said that "the crimes that will not be coverage of amnesty is, criminals of the former regime and not including them in the general amnesty, and terrorist crimes, and offenses against the external security of the state and the rules of procedure, and the crimes of possession of and trade in silenced weapons, and weapons with special classification, and offenses against the statutory bodies , such as killing the President and the Prime Minister, or forcing the president to a particular work, as well as human trafficking crimes. "
She also Features included exceptions "kidnappings, and crimes of smuggling of prisoners and those arrested, or harboring the convicted for the crimes, in addition to drug crimes, and crimes of sodomy, adultery and incest, crimes of embezzlement and theft of state funds, and crimes of financial and administrative corruption, and crimes of smuggling antiquities, and the crimes of money laundering, crimes counterfeiting. "