Abadi: cabinet reshuffle to advance reform and reject the use of politically crowd

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said that the upcoming cabinet reshuffle aims to "walk the reform forward."
It is noteworthy that, the House of Representatives is hosting during its meeting today the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, to discuss the cabinet reshuffle, which recently announced its intention to conduct such dialogue.
Ebadi said during his speech at the first conference to build the capacity of youth, that "change is not against one or a specific destination, but rather to move reform forward and we need a harmonious team for that matter."
He expressed "his refusal to use the fighters for political purposes," pointing out that "the fighter is fighting for his homeland rather than for political bloc or someone."
He pointed to the Prime Minister that "some are trying rhythm between the crowd and the state, seemingly oblivious to the crowd that the state-owned and funded institution and put a state, and we want to reform it, and there are those who try to stop it through a smear campaign carried out."
Abadi stressed the need to "fight against the crime gangs that do not differ from Daash and terrorism through community security threat."
He said the "corrupt media are waging war on us through TV and social networking sites, creating lies because they know we'll get them."
He added that "young people are the hope of this community and the nation, and are counting on them a lot in building the country," adding, "We're going to reform pick up the pieces and repair crooked and wrong and the fight against the corrupt," adding that "we have the elements of power too much and we have bright hopes and we can overcome the challenges and exit more powerful".
He called on young people to "caution and prudence of the gangs that trade in human beings, and they do care about something as much as earned them illegal," adding that "patriotism basis to build the country."