Bayati: the preconditions of the blocks may pre-empt the ministerial change [a

National Alliance MP Abbas al-Bayati said that "the development of the preconditions of the political blocs in front of a cabinet reshuffle may cause a miscarriage of the process of change."
He said al-Bayati told all of Iraq [where], that "there is a vision and a roadmap approach and comprehensive and substantive ministerial change," stressing that "this approach will collide with the opinions of the political blocs when applied on the ground."
He pointed out that "blocs supportive of the change, but require that do not affect its ministers or demanding consult with them on the bench, which will replace the names of its ministers."
He said al-Bayati said "the preconditions that may abort the process of change," adding that "the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi coordinate his steps with the masses," adding, saying that "the change will not necessarily guarantee equal rights with all the blocs."
The MP for the National on his assertion that "change is coming and will not collide with any obstacle yet," pointing out that "they be bench cabinet of technocrats and that some of them could be from within the blocks and others from the outside."
The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, reiterated Monday, February 15, his determination to bring about change and ministerial "substantial destruction," warning that ignoring the political blocs and the parliament so it means entering into them struggle "also expressed his willingness to offer his resignation if the change was comprehensive.
And called for political blocs to the inclusion Abadi government change if the change on the basis of technocrats rather than political quota system.
He is due to host the House of Representatives in its Saturday prime minister to discuss the ministerial call for change and the financial crisis.