Venezuela sends new proposals for oil producers outside OPEC and

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said in a televised speech Monday evening, said his country was sending new proposals to the leaders of countries in OPEC and abroad in order to stabilize the market.
Maduro did not give his word yesterday, other details.
The latest moves come days Venezuela from Saudi Arabia, a senior member of OPEC and Russia is not an OPEC member, Qatar and Venezuela after the agreement to freeze production at January levels if others joined it.
He said Venezuelan Oil Minister Aaolockheo del Pino Friday afternoon that the four countries have agreed to monitor the oil market until the month of June may take additional measures if necessary.
Maduro congratulated del Pino on the agreement and praised him as Lionel 'Messi Venezuelan oil, "referring to the Argentine football star.
Maduro said in a televised speech from the Orinoco Belt oil producer in Venezuela stood next to del Pino "of us who produce the oil they should govern the market and determine prices."
He said he hoped that the Doha agreement is the beginning of a broader agreement.
Urges Venezuela in crisis to reach an agreement oil to compensate for a deep recession, the ruling Socialist Party instructed its parliamentary majority in an election in December.
A senior Russian official in the field of energy yesterday, there is a surplus of oil supply in the market of about 1.8 million barrels per day, but can this surplus was reduced to half if the implementation of the freezing of oil production at last month's levels of agreement.